Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh Yeah, This

maybe I'll try to get back to some shit stirring. Probably not, but I feel like it'd do whatever it is in me that religious folk try to call a soul some good to do so. I'm just almost at the edge of emerging from what has unquestionably been the worst year and half or so of my life, tweaking Ann Althouse, an identity I still remain distinct from, or flinging poop at Megan could be a nice way of easing back into what used to be normalcy.
Or maybe I'll just revive FMM as the less well written, more jackass-y version of the franchise Susan has taken over so capably.
Anyway, yeah, I miss these waters, I should probably swim in them again.


  1. Interesting that MM would suddenly go AWOL given the whole Koch-Cato contretemps. I wonder if it had anything to do with the surpassingly hackish koch-worshipping pieces she wrote on the Gleick episode. I seem to recall her disclosure of Mr. Suderman's work for the Kochs was much more flippant on first posting than the current, "Full disclosure: in 2011 the Heartland Institute received a small donation from the Charles Koch foundation, which in the past also sponsored a journalism fellowship for my husband." I think MM may have finally gone too far and is now on some sort of probation. FMM was ahead of its time, of course.

  2. Please revive FMM. Seriously. More of us read it than you probably thought. She's so almost willfully clueless that it's astounding. And she just keeps getting worse.

    What makes it almost intolerable is that she and her cretins think she is intelligent.

    I don't know how to tell her this but she does not even know what statistical analysis is, let alone understand it.