Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still Not Dead

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Andrew. (I hope you're not my Dad, though I doubt he'd have found my online presence without mentioning it.)
Between the holidays and travel hell and general very mild depression from cushioned unemployment and legal woes (I might talk about them in a few weeks, or I might not, sorry to be cryptic) I haven't had the time or energy to get into much of anything here yet. I just don't feel... coherent at the moment, so I'm not going to try to vent my longwindedness into the ether. Don't get me wrong, I'm not too down, there are some potential good things in the mix too, and I'm probably about to follow this with a long winded rant on Loughner and Palin and my own response to all that, but in general I don't think I'll be very productive in the here and now.
That said, I'm not the type to keep my mouth shut, so expect me to find things to say eventually. Also, since I'm retiring from FMM I'll bring my random thoughts that don't fit into twitter over here. If anything I'll probably feel a little freer to wander, since there isn't Megan's name hovering at the top of the page.
Anyway, this is still a going concern, is my point.

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