Wednesday, February 23, 2011


since a (very small) number of you are being kind enough to stop by here, imma ask for a little feedback. What, if anything, would you like me to write about? Should I give Megan a visit, rant about the follies of drug policy, try to explain why I love Radiohead so much, spend several thousand words wandering through what I see as the cultural/philosophical underpinnings of the left and right today and why I so strongly choose one side?
Or I could just keep being random and see where it takes me, anything is an option.

Well, I'll keep being random, too, no matter what. To thine own self be true, etcetc.


  1. I'd suggest you write about Megan, because she's always good for bitter laughs, but considering all those years you valiantly tried to get her fired, I wouldn't want to subject you to that again.

    Any thoughts on the Oscars? I bet no one else on the Internet is writing about that this week.

    -- Bettencourt

  2. cultural/philosophical underpinnings are always worthwhile. and a little serendipity is good for the soul.