Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rhetorical Question

are all fundamentalist Christians repressed homosexuals?
(Oops, oops, oops. I forgot Christwire is satire. Doy.)

The funny, it burns;
Only weeks ago, we looked into a dangerous new trend where school girls were taking pictures of themselves in Batman panties and sharing them with millions of strangers on Facebook.

Was there a comic book writer’s nerdy scheme behind the uncouth antics? Or was it a deeper cultural impact these fetishized fantasy characters are having upon America’s youth?

Reviewing the tale of Batman, we found a story that fit the model of exploitation and degradation. As reviewed, Batman is the story of a middle-aged man who fancies forcing a boy to wear tight see-through stocking.

The Batman is a character who represents child exploitation and gay adoption. Taut muscles bounding as they spend the night being thrashed and bound by criminals, only to overcome impossible adversary through neatly placed gadgets and groping one another, Batman and the young, supple Robin return to their ‘batcave’ where they have wounds nursed by a male butler named Alfred.
Btw, there is nothing comparable here to the story of Christ, who spent all his time in the company of 12 other men and died a violent, bloody death which the re-enactment of causes fundies to experience an ecstasy so intense they weep. Nothing phallic or homoerotic about being poked with a spear, neither, so shush.
(Apologies to any sane Christians who chance by.)

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